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  1. I do so enjoy the guts of these Quinnipiac polls.

    First: It’s pretty obvious that local television news is far more trusted than anything on national broadcast or cable news.

    Second: A part of the distrust of national broadcast and cable news is that people like Williams and O’Reilly fall so far short of the standard of Cronkite.

    Third: In the trust a great deal category, FOX and CNN are now at 20% and 18% respectively. The margin of error is 2.7%. That means that the results could just as easily be FOX at 17.3% and CNN at 20.7%. In any event, it is a statistical tie.

    Fourth: When you add trust a great deal and trust somewhat, FOX is 55% and CNN is 61%, well outside the margin of error, and MSNBC is at 52% within the margin or error with FOX.

    Fifth: FOX, as always, “leads” in the not trusted at all category at 26%compared to 16% for CNN and 24% for MSNBC. When you aggregate trusted not at all and trusted not so much, FOX and MSNBC are at 40% and CNN is at 34%.

    If I were working for CNN, I could easily spin this as a pretty solid win for the network.

    • Cronkite was the most trusted, but because of that elevated status he let down his viewers tremendously, though they were unaware.

      • When I was growing up in Austin, we had only one television station, Lady Bird Johnson’s KTBC, Channel 7. It was not an affiliate of any single network. The evening news programs were only 15 minutes. We got Cronkite at 17:30 Hours and Huntley/Brinkley at 17:45. A most agreeable arrangement.

    • In the trust poll you have FNC dominating in every demographic but women (where it is evenly split) and 18-34 year olds.

      I suggest that the discrepancy lies in the formulation of “Trust a great deal” and “Trust somewhat”.

      The first is a formulation that seasoned adults are loath to claim about any institution save their family or local church, and the latter is head-scratchingly contradictory.

  2. A poll conducted by Quinnipiac University has revealed the most trusted network and cable news channels in the United States. Fox News came first, trusted by 29 percent of respondents, a considerable distance ahead of CNN’s 22 percent.
    Further, 29% of liberals have wet their pants while fuming about the poll.

  3. Well, well. The Seymour Hersh revelations have certainly left a trail of juicy tidbits since KT McFarland talked about it on Monday.

    Mr. Hersh asserts that it was a a retired Pakistani senior intelligence officer who revealed Osama bin Laden’s hideout — and that the premise of the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” was a fabrication and President Obama is a “liar.”

    May 11th
    Fox News – KT McFarland

    “Report: Obama lied about Pakistan’s role in Bin Laden raid”

    May 11th
    “Hersh Battles CNN’s Cuomo: ‘I’m Not Out on a Limb’ on bin Laden Story”

    May 12th
    Real Clear Politics
    “Seymour Hersh: Yes, The Pakistani Government Knew bin Laden’s Location”

    May 13th
    “I Am Not Backing Off Anything I Said”

    May 14th
    “Seymour Hersh Does Not Care for This ‘Andrea Mitchell’ Person”

    Seymour Hersh has a long distinguished career. But that doesn’t make him infallible. I’m on the fence on this one.

    • This is a complex issue, isn’t it? So much of his work has been ground-breaking. Then we started getting weird conspiracy theories about Opus Dei essentially running US special services and Iranian terrorists being trained in Nevada. I’m ambivalent.

  4. Thanks for the Faulkner/Paley link. I think when she breaks out from the FOX line, which she does from time-to-time, she can be good. Very good. As to content …. But also as to delivery …. She has a good, well-modulated voice, and she is not given to gasps and cries or to facial expressions of outrage. I think she could mainstream it some day soon. One of the broadcast anchors, MTP, This Week …. I could even see her doing BBC America.

    • For BBC America she’d need dreadlocks and a penchant for saying “inclusive” when she meant selective and Afrocentric.

        • Please name a single such stunt a BBC reporter or anchor has pulled on the air. Just one.

          • I was replying to Cecelia and referenced the fool wearing them on MSNBC. I was saying that along with Cecelia’ suggestions, she should wear them.

      • So you’re saying Black reporters and anchors are fine as long as they follow an African-American tradition, but Jamaican and Island Black reporters and anchors are not. Quite advanced thinking.

          • Thank you for your candor.

            BBC America has a bit of an identity crisis. The powers that be can’t decide if it is a news station for Americans, if it is a news station for Brits living in America, or if it is a laboratory for developing US news for replay on other BBC companies. I am told it aspires to be a station for Americans and simultaneously a laboratory. That seems prudent to me. If so, Faulkner would be a great addition, and it would be a well-deserved, prestigious position for he. Aspirations aside, at the moment programming is far more tailored to Brits, and the talent is largely British. If the talent is British and the talent includes Blacks, then a good portion of that talent would be, by definition, Jamaican and Island, with a smattering of South African. That is why I find your dreadlocks reference troubling. Were it other people posting this, my concern would be racism, but I don’t attribute that to you. Just a flippant, poor choice of words. Something we all do.

          • Dreadlocks are primarily a West Indies tradition.

            You don’t have to thank me for my candor. I don’t roll with ulterior motives and cards up my sleeve.

          • Yes, they are, and the West Indies team buried England in Cricket by 5 wickets. I think my point well-taken.

          • Let me thank you for a fatuous reply avoiding an admission that you know nothing about the culture behind dreadlocks.

          • I do know that Britain is populated by a good number of these people with dreadlocks and a most remarkable command of the English language, something that seems to have escaped you despite my most gallant efforts.

          • Since English is a part of their native culture and tradition, I think you are exhibiting a condescension and ethnic arrogance toward this group that is utterly cringe worthy.

            It would be shocking if we weren’t aware that such an attitude is your nature.

          • In my experience, the highest quality street English in the world is Pakistanis, Jamaicans and West Indians in Britain. That is a great compliment. If anything my condescension would seem to be implicit and directed at my fellow countrymen and women who seem to think that a great command of English vocabulary, grammar and syntax is a character flaw. But, I understand what is going on here this morning, and I’ll simply wish you a grand and glorious day. I don’t wish to bore others with this personal tête-à-tête largely unrelated to cable news.

          • I suggest that you save the admonition to appreciate the wonderful English speaking abilities of people of color for whom English is a native language, for folks who are being dismissive of such considerations.

            That could make you sound less of a condescending, elitist white supremist, but I doubt it.

          • Indeed, I did. I always enjoy reflecting on which of our two great nations is on the leading edge of social, legal and political evolution. At the moment, the Brits may have a bit of an edge.

  5. Re: “Kirell: The Greg Gutfeld Show dry to debut Sunday, May 31″: Mediaite click bait at this link includes Jon Stewart’s latest round of Fox bashing and a leftist college student confronting Jeb Bush.

    • Would Hilary let a “rightist college student” get close enough to confront her? Don’t hold your breath!

        • But you know Kristen Powers isn’t a liberal because she works for Fox and critiques the left.

          • No, Cecelia, she isn’t a liberal because she is a conservative. He unfortunate choice of employment has nothing to do with her ideology.

          • She’s pro-immigration amnesty, pro gay marriage, pro- closing Gitmo, pro higher taxes on the wealthy and confiscatory estate taxes, pro green issues…

            She would like trimester restrictions on abortion and she would like a higher regard for speech on the left, rather than the routine ostracizing of anyone who doesn’t follow a particular meme.

          • “pro-immigration amnesty, pro gay marriage, pro- closing Gitmo, pro
            higher taxes on the wealthy and confiscatory estate taxes, pro green
            issues ….”

            Aren’t such issues RINOesque, and aren’t Republican centrists often lambasted for the same?

            No, I am afraid, Cecelia that we have to say she ticks right-of-center which accounts for her prospering at FOX. You assume I am making that a condemnation. In the contrary, Powers is right-of-center Democrat, if in fact she is a Democrat at all, in the Bill and Hillary Clinton mode. She is probably as much a Democrat as could be tolerated on the FOX programming. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • No, I’m afraid we don’t have to conclude that she’s not liberal based upon the fact that some Republicans hold these same positions (and are called RINOs because these stands don’t reflex conservatism).

            We don’t have to say she isn’t liberal because she’s not as liberal as you.

            Your writing another paragraph arguing nothing more than that won’t make it so either.

          • Your problem is that you seem to believe there is a liberal orthodoxy. There is not. Liberalism is the antithesis of orthodoxy. There is most assuredly a conservative orthodoxy, but there are surprisingly few orthodox conservatives. Why? I suspect because it has never proven to be an ideology that translates into workable governance. And, because it defines the American Experience as something that happened in the past, is locked in stone and is merely now an admonition of all that we are doing wrong. If you have read Powers, and I suspect you have not, you know she has wandered into a religious orthodoxy that is informing her political ideology and, perhaps dictating it. In my view, that makes her perhaps the most conservative person at FOX and one of the least hypocritical at FOX.

          • No, my problem is that after you asked for specific positions to indicate liberalism, you then dismissed them with the inexplicable line that this proves nothing since RINOs and the Clintons hold or have held these positions too.

            Not content with that laughable fatuousness, you are now attempting to disappear all concrete markers into a sea of blather about liberalism having no orthodoxy (while simultaneously setting up one concerning the inspiration and motivation for the liberal impulse).

            This isn’t discussion, it’s you trying to be cute.

            You are dismissed.

        • So…you call some heckling from a few people in a large audience while Hilary was giving a speech before she was a declared candidate vs a young girl who got within 3 feet of Jeb and in his face anywhere near the same? Golly, you are an apologist for Hilary. Doesn’t surprise me.

      • Are you referring to the confrontation Jeb Bush had with the college student? The one Mike referred to? I believe that’s the one. I think you answered your own question.

  6. Gutfield or Last Tango in Halifax and the Father Brown Mysteries? Not a difficult choice. Tango and Father for sure!

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  8. Uh-oh. There was a blatant jump cut during the Tavis Smiley segment. After he said in a few sentences that racism and discrimination are real, the camera angle changed in mid-sentence and Bill went on to the next topic.

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