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  1. Ha!

    Wemple: These credentials — being critical of Fox News while not often watching Fox News — put the president in good company among media critics nationwide.

    • I think I’ll focus on this:

      “Even as Obama’s slams against Fox News pile up (and elevate the
      network), though, he’ll never pull even with Sean Hannity and his
      colleagues, who rip into him at an incalculable daily rate. Efforts to
      get comment from Fox News have fetched no response.”

      You’d think from Kelley, Van Susteren and Wallace whines about our President not appearing on FOX or on their shows, they might be eager to respond.

      I don’t know whether our President watches FOX or, indeed, what, if anything he does watch except for Sports Center. I would hope he is far too busy to watch American cable news, and that when he’s not consumed with governing, out on the links or court-side at a basketball game, he doesn’t cut his retreat and relaxation short with American cable news. I do know, however, we have a whole cult of Americans who comment vociferously about books, films, television shows they have never seen. Remember the “Butler”? How many rightists loudly (and, as it turns out, wrongfully) condemned the sympathetic portrayal of Nancy Reagan whilst proudly proclaiming they never had and never would watch the film?

      • Its taken you several paragraphs to merely grump “I know you are, but what am I”.

        It’s not a dissertation or much of anything. Just ill humoredness.

        • Try again after you get some more coffee coursing through your veins. I don’t understand a word you wrote.


          Never mind, Cecelia. I just returned from Mediaite and saw the Kelley and Rosen whines. I don’t think I fully understood how this comment had hit home so hard. It seemed innocuous to me when I read it, but it is obviously a matter of hyper-sensitivity among the FOX personalities.

  2. The money quote from Grenell’s column:
    “All you have to do is look at Power’s Twitter page to see that yesterday’s champions of diversity are today’s intolerants.”

    • I’m pretty sure that the only people who consider Powers liberal or Democratic are rightists. From a FOX News standpoint, it’s all merely shtick. I gather from the shrillness of the Grenell piece, shtick that’s no longer working.

      • I must not have read the same Grenell article you did. That was NOT, in any way, sheep or form “shrill”. Liberals are a bunch of intolerant weenies these days. Ask anyone who had been condemned because of “micro aggressions”. Or look at those women who have to have a “safe space with puppies and playdoh” when someone comes to their campus to speak on rape. Or the professors who have to give “trigger warnings” if their lecture material is provocative.

        • I’m curious as to the source of your expertise on how professors conduct their classes. Would you care to elaborate?

          • Thanks, Homemaker. I know what trigger warnings are. They are routinely used in public schools, as well, often to advise Muslims, Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses of certain core curriculum topics and activities which may be uncomfortable in their belief systems. For example, Christmas. A huge part of German culture. Very difficult to understand German culture and literature without a Christmas context. What I don’t understand is what makes trigger warnings necessarily liberal. The groups I mentioned tend to be very conservative. Is there just this assumption that educated people who educate others and the people so educated are necessarily liberal? I don’t buy that. Sounds Limbaughish or Beckish, hence my question about the source.

          • Those are quite long sentences, aren’t they? Sorry about that. Also sorry you don’t like the example I gave you. I suppose it is ideologically uncomfortable.

            Well, have a very good day, Marty. More rain for us. Blessed and happy am I.

          • You come here under the guise of having an opposing view. Yet you do it through sophistry and insults. I can read and understand long sentences and there is not one thing you can counter that with except more insults. Don’t you need to go to Mediaite and call somebody stoooopid or imply that someone is a criminal or flag their comment or report someone? Here’s a flag alert: you are pretentious and pompous.

          • My apologies to you. I deliberately broke your cardinal rule of no name calling. The devil made me do it.

          • No, it’s the good ole Washington Post as well as other mainstream media going way out on a limb by characterizing the concept as progressive and college professors as largely liberal….


          • I understand now.

            The modern conservative anthem: Ave ignorantiam!

            Well, enough about that.

          • You didn’t misunderstand, you tried to move the goalposts.

            We both know that an hour from now you’ll be saying that its a foregone conclusion that most educated people are liberal… in that lovely way you have of confusing privilege with character and consigning the people you wish to help as being little more than stumblebums of self-interest.

          • Liberalism is an amalgam of the most blessed in our nation, in terms of education and social status, and the least blessed. The two groups are a wonderful check on one another.

            Well, do have a good day.

          • Social status and education are not synonymous with courage, fortitude, wisdom, selflessness, diligence, kindness, honesty and other such virtues. Not now, nor when the Republican Party is conveniently termed the Party of Privilege.

            It’s been my lifelong experience that people who are susceptible to snob appeal are impervious to and inwardly contemptuous of the argument that while the accomplishments and situations of that appeal are often laudable, they are like rhinestones to diamonds when compared to true character (which can be possessed in abundance without regard to social status or God given talents and abilities)

            I suspect that distinction is lost on you, as well.

          • Yes, I know. Education is a horrible, horrible thing, and teachers and professors are horrible, horrible people. I read that almost every day on conservative blogs. We’d be better people if we didn’t have schoolin’.

          • “Not only are you non-responsive but you’re truly a raving lunatic.” Your words. Applicable to you as well.

    • Three greatest lies:
      1) Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning.
      2) Don’t fret, I just got the check in the mail to you.
      3) Liberals are champions of diversity.

  3. I’ve heard that Pres. Obama watches SPECIAL REPORT almost daily and laughs at all of Charles Krauthammer’s jokes. Well, maybe not all. Well, maybe not daily. Well, maybe once on a bet with Biden.

  4. I don’t understand how the CNN shows detailed in the link are reality shows. Seem to be more like documentaries. When I think of reality shows, I think of Sarah Palin in the woods or Chris Matthews dancing.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links:
    1 Kirsten Powers’s Silencing spurs ‘unhinged’ reactions.

  6. Dennis Miller thinks Roger Goodell is “Barack O’Roger,” but seemingly every other Goodell-basher, particularly the one on ESPN2 weekdays at 5:00, acts like he’s Richard Milhous Goodell or Ronald Wilson Goodell or George Walker Goodell.

  7. Re: Breaking Tonight story on The Kelly File: There isn’t anything in this world that won’t be exploited for political gain. Congressional Republicans didn’t make that engineer go 107 mph in a 50 mph zone.

    • Why, didn’t you know that the Republicans and George W. Bush are to blame for everything? Lose your change in a coke machine? Their fault.

      Seriously, though, the big question is why he was going that fast. A lot of different possibilities.

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