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  1. A polemic about the death of cable news? Really? Polemic? It seems to me to be a well-reasoned piece about a phenomenon which is increasingly undeniable. I do not want to suggest the decline cannot be arrested, but a certain proactive stance would need to be taken. I see signs of that only from CNN at this time. Frankly, I thought the piece was well-composed. The analysis was strong. The writing was sound. The tone was anything but “in your face”. And while I will freely admit I think America would be a stronger, wiser, happier place without the noisy bleating of the current manifestations of FOX News and MSNBC, that doesn’t cause me to create a dotage scenario for a relatively young industry. The advancing age is there whether I want it or not.

    • I’m scratching my head over this notion that American cable news might be dying. Why is this such a foreign and seemingly deeply troubling concept? Other television genres have died. We no longer have variety shows. Westerns, if not dead, are certainly in a deep and prolonged hiatus. The early staple of television, boxing, has gone into an unrecognizable form. It certainly seems that reality television is on the ropes. And, what is the real difference between American cable news and reality television? It’s not as if American cable news has passed some milestone of inevitability. It’s not been around that long. It’s not ever gained the institutional quality of broadcast news. I think I should be more surprised if it weren’t in the midst of some transformation that makes it unrecognizable to us now.

        • Good morning, Mike.

          A wonderful time here. Copious amounts of rain, wave after wave, filling up the lakes after such a long, long drought.

        • I find no compelling reason to read them. Just imagine someone spilled coffee between the other comments making blotches. Give yourself a smile knowing Ceceilia enjoys honing her fencing skills. At least the Twitter riff-raff are content with blogless inbreeding, or so it seems.

        • He did promise you never to post here again. A man’s as good as his word.

      • I think there’s a hyperbolic aspect to the conversation right now. There’s some assumptiompns about tastes and insularity that show more skepticism and cynicism about people other than we and ours, that will probably hold up as much as the 2007-2008 memes about the results of Democratic domination in the U.S. uopn the leadership of FNC and its audience.

        • I agree with your assessment that there is a lot of hyperbole in this death of cable news conversation. When and if it goes the way of the dodo bird, we will adapt.

          • I agree with your statement completely, Marty, and I would only add we don’t just have to adapt, we are at a time when we can tailor our own media. Our choices are not simply O’Reilly or Cooper or even DWTS or the Bachelor. In some ways technology created cable news, and it some ways it will be the death rattle of it. As much as I dislike Glenn Beck, he rather showed both an exit strategy and a new product, didn’t he?

          • I don’t lose sleep over cable news or gratuitous reality shows. If I don’t like something, I don’t watch it, read it or listen to it. Personal choices. It’s not going away because I wish it would or that I think we’d all be better off without it.

          • Indeed. It is going away because it is stale. Those of us drawn to news were once drawn to cable news but are not so drawn now because it has failed to deliver news. Those not drawn to news are not drawn to cable news because outraged, angry, whiny people become boring after a time. For some, after a very short time.

            Well, thanks for the chat and have a good evening.

        • The pool of people who want to be perpetually outraged and flock to Kelley and Maddow has to be finite. The pool of people who want to be perpetually angry and flock to Hannity and Sharpton has to be finite. The pool of people who want to perpetually whine and flock to Van Susteren and O’Donnell has to be finite. Therefore, the lifespan of American cable news as we now know it has to have a shelf life. I’m not sure that is hyperbolic, but it may tend to over-estimate the audience. There could be that niche that always wants that much as there seems to be a niche that is always drawn to vulgar sport. There is no doubt that there is much management and “talent” willing to pander to those sorts. I think and I hope not, however, and when I study the trajectory of American cable “news” I find reason to be more than just hopeful. It seems to all be coming together and drawing to a close every bit as welcome as the close of the latest production of “Cats”.

          • That isn’t an optimistic assessment of the tendencies of the broader population or a commonsensical reckoning of time and change.

            It’s just the usual pre-emptive congratulating of anyone who feels as you do and contempt and insults for those who don’t.

          • If I were a cynical sort or if I were one to readily confuse discernment with emotion, I suppose I might well agree with you. Watching, as I have the stalling out of the growth of American cable news followed by what seems to be a clear audience erosion, I have set about searching for understanding of why this is happening. I suspect I am onto something.

  2. The plague decimating other cable news networks shows that FAIR and BALANCED provides the best source of immunization.

  3. Kirsten speaks truth to power. Power that can’t handle the truth. Never could. Never will, other than among leading comrades scheming in various politburo to use “whatever it takes”.

  4. Prosecutor, “Judge, did you see just now who was making faces at Evan Gahr?”
    Judge, “Not really”.
    Prosecutor, “The accused, Ed Scultz.”
    Judge, “that’s Irrelevant and an imbecile!”
    Prosecutor, “Like I said, Ed Schultz.”

  5. Obama attacks FOX NEWS again because when he isn’t golfing or screwing up foreign affairs these days, he seems to be a loyal viewer: http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2015/05/obama-accuses-fox-news-of-portraying-poor-people-as-206995.html
    My cabin in Appalachian Ohio is an area that sports two kind of poor according to my neighbor, whose family build my cabin in 1836 and has farmed since. Half are the hardest workers in the world who will take any job they can get — several at a time. The other half laugh at them as laziness has no respect for the dignity of work. Those are the leeches, and the WAR ON POVERTY did nothing to change my county’s status as the poorest in Ohio. They all vote Democrat of course.

    • The latter half tend to supplement their incomes using the modern day version of the still – the meth lab.

  6. Did the Jeb Bush interview hurt the Kelly File ratings?

    Looks like Megyn’s ratings were down slightly compared to the previous Monday — particularly in the demo numbers.

    Not sure this is a valid comparison given how much Monday’s ratings depend to some extent on the news on Monday and over the weekend.

    Plus Mr. Bill’s ratings were off a bit as well. It’s hard to conclude that the JB interview cost her many viewers. Looks like she did okay to me. Although she would have probably liked to have seen the demo numbers a little higher.

    Monday, May 4th
    Total: 2,210K
    Demo: 454K
    O’Reilly: 2,585K / 510K

    Monday, May 11th
    Total: 1,973K
    Demo: 334K
    O’Reilly: 2,389K / 470K

    • You raise an interesting question. The CW is that Murdoch has put the fix in for Jebbers. I don’t know that is the case, but Murdoch and Ailes are most clearly establishment sorts of Republicans. Given the general disdain for Jebbers amongst the rightists, you have to wonder if there is a price to pay. In the long run, I’d say no. Despite the grousing, Republicans of all sorts tend to head to the corral at night.

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  8. Guy Benson is the co-author, with Mary Katharine Ham, of End of Discussion. Why did Bill plug the book for MK last night, but not for Guy tonight?

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