Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos:
  • Reliable Sources: Clinton Cash, Brady, Baltimore lessons, ISIS.
  • Weekend specials: Revenge Porn; And the Good News Is
  • Wemple: CNN keeps trying to make a Point.  Sunday talkers.
  • Price: Lacking strategic vision, Al-Jazeera America needs a reboot.
  • Condit: NSA identifies Al-Jazeera bureau chief as Al Qaeda member.
  • Concha: Sally Kohn off track with ‘white privilege’ subway complaint.
  • Your Buzz videos:

24 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. A maintenance man at the factory I once worked kept revenge porn in his tool foot-locker. Pictures of naked midgets cavorting with horses and such on the inside of its lid. Once anyone opened his locker once, they weren’t inclined to do so again.

  2. There is one idiot left in the USA that’s still praising AJAM. If he were any stupider, he’d be French.

  3. Concha has done us all a favor by calling out Sally Kohn on her “white privilege” bullcrap. She’s another guilt-ridden white liberal feeling bad for us “others” to make herself feel better.

  4. There are some people that think Kohn was just joking. If so, I’ve got some Hellen Keller and Polish material to try out on her I haven’t used in a while.

    • I don’t think she was joking. But, I also think she has a point. When I fly, TSA deals with a middle aged white man wearing dress slacks, a dress shirt, most often a tie and now with Pre-Ck, a blazer or a suit coat. I sail through whilst fat people wearing gym shorts, men with untucked shirts, women in sweat pants seem to face some obstacles. Demeanor, attire, hygiene still count in America. The lesson is not to be white, but to keep it clean. It works.

  5. Sesno hosts RELIABLE SOURCES again as both Stelter and CNN enjoying a protracted honeymooner. The combination of Batimore Sun’s Z and NYT’s Charles Blow has me super gluing the channel selector to FNC.

  6. My mother died when I was very young and I have no memory of her.

    You don’t miss what you never had and so I have never felt sorry for myself over losing her.

    Instead I have felt sorry for her. She has missed so much, and speaking as a mother, I’m not sure the joys of heaven could ever substitute.

    • It is a shame that you don’t have any memory of her. That is something that fate robbed from you.

      • My parents have been dead for decades as they had me late in life. Still very active in my dreams

        • I still dream that my father and siblings are alive. It’s been 45 years for my brother.

        • Me too! My father was almost forty when he had me.

          Just two nights ago I dreamt I opened a door to a hotel room and found my father lying in bed in his t-shirt and boxers reading the paper as he did on Saturday mornings.

          This is his way of telling me that he’s around and waiting.

  7. Howie with a good show today. Like that he has a changing guest mix. Today was glad to see Matt Lewis.

    • I agree.

      I too was glad to see Matt Lewis. He can disagree without being disagreeable — not unlike Mary Katharine Ham. We must at all costs protect my Midwestern (Illinois roots) sensibilities. 🙂

      I will say this though, with all the big news stories this past week, I was a bit surprised his lead segment was about Hillary. He devoted almost a third of his show to her and Bill Clinton.

      I sarcastically commented to myself, “Is it in Howie’s Fox News contract that he must open his show with Hillary news?”

      But to be honest, I can’t say the ‘A’ block wasn’t interesting and I am sure many of his loyal viewers disagree with me about Howard’s opening choice. Ha!

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Al Qaeda member
    4 The Good News Is
    3 Revenge Porn
    2 CNN keeps trying
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Sally Kohn off track with ‘white privilege’ subway complaint.

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