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  1. I’m not at all sure that I understand why the Romans piece ended up in a cable news blog, other than the fact that she is a cable news correspondent, but I am glad it did. She is an excellent business news correspondent, and the topic was not only interesting, but significant. Especially given that the Skytrax awards for 2015 did not place a single US airport in the top 10 internationally. I suppose the lessons are that we’re neglecting infrastructure at a cost and that we should all watch Ms. Romans.

  2. I don’t think there is much mystery about the CNN gamble. Bourdain is simply good television. Very good television.

  3. What do you mean we can’t run AJAM under the strict Wahhabi interpretation of cable news? Guess we’re not in Qatar anymore Toto.

    • Did you hear about the German television crew (ARD) in Doha covering the building of the World Cup 2022 facilities? They were arrested and detained for 14 hours in custody, then denied exit permits for 5 days. Their recordings were deleted. All supposedly because they lacked the correct license …. One of the oddest places I’ve ever been. Really three countries in one, the poor who never mix with the middle and upper classes; the middle and upper classes who are far freer than Saudis (women drive, dress is somewhat relaxed); the expats, overwhelmingly British with multi-year professional contracts who live much as they might in the UK (a bit boozy, upscale, a pork-rich diet) whose only notable restrictions are they have to dress modestly (women and men must have arms covered to the wrist and women cannot show ankles). The weather is hideous. Muggy with lots of haze but no rain. No real cultural life. That has to influence AJAM. But, they do have the greatest airline in the world.

      Lots of controversy about the World Cup. FIFA was paid huge sums by Qatar, perhaps some illegally. And the laborers are supposedly treated horrifically. BBC and BBC World are beginning to cover. So, it should be interesting.

      • Seems like I read somewhere that the govt gave every native Quatarian around $150k a year, and that immigrants who took jobs as service people outnumbered the locals.

  4. So Jonathan Alter will testify Ed Schultz once flushed a Koran down a toilet? No? I get my Alter stories mixed up, but I bet he is as crappy a witness as he is a reporter.

    • Does Alter even do that much reporting anymore? After the publication of “The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies”, he made a prolonged book tour, and he seems to be a frequent commentator on some more upscale programming like Evan Smith and Charlie Rose. And, he’s the executive producer on “Alpha House”. Immensely creative.

      • Big deal. Joyce Kearns Goodwin and Steven Roberts do those “upscale shows” too and they are both just awful.

        • Well, it certainly does not rise to the level of Megyn Kelley interviewing Dinesh D’Souza.

          Goodwin perfected to popular history genre. Simplistic, even vapid at times. But, it did bring history to people who had never read much of it. There is value in that. But, you’re right. Most of her political and social commentary is nicht so gut.

          Roberts has never really impressed me. He does have a large working vocabulary and good grammar. That’s something.

          • You’d be right about the Megyn and D’Souza interview.

            An intelligent and compelling dialogue between diametrically opposed individuals (D’Souza and Ayers) and a host who challenges both is not the stuff of PBS now.

            For that you have to watch the occasional clips and replays they do of Buckley and Cavett.

  5. I ran across this quote by Kurt Vonnegut – “A pissant is somebody who thinks he’s so damn smart, he can never keep his mouth shut. No matter what anybody says, he’s got to argue with it. You say you like something, and, by God, he’ll tell you why you’re wrong to like it. A pissant does his best to make you feel like a boob all the time. No matter what you say, he knows better.”

    • I can’t remember the author and I can’t find a link, so you’ll have to trust me.

      I once read a piece by …someone….who went out to a cabin in the northwest somewhere to see the retired David Brinkley. I don’t remember if the writer said it was a surprise visit, but it seems to have been.

      He found a very frail and bedridden Brinkley, alone but for a nurse/caretaker, and suffering from dementia.

      That was so shocking to me. For no other reason but that it was David Brinkley.

      It was extremely sad to me too.

      I keep that picture in mind whenever I find myself mourning that maybe the media is right. That they are gods among men.

      • David Brinlkey was a bit of a God to me.

        As Tony Soprano’s mom once said, “In the end, we all die in our own arms.” Though not entirely true, what remains true is death is the great leveler which becomes clearer the closer its shadow gets.

    • Whooeee… The language is rough, but the sentiment is sterling, if almost extinct– Dont slight the guy that brung ya.

      Mrs. Imus is all wool and a yard wide.

      • “I’m furious he would sit there in the Fox studios and completely, completely disrespect them and everyone that works there. I mean, he is the biggest f-in’ jerk on the planet. He has no leg to stand on. He has nothing hard to stand on. He’s an erectophile, and a bottom feeder in New York on the subway licking the you-know-what off the floor.”

        Love it! They ought to give her a show.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 in turmoil
    4 Harris Faulkner
    3 Chris Cuomo tweets
    2 Jonathan Alter testimony
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Cupp guilty of advocacy?

    • He was being kind. “Unscrupulous Baltimore political hack” would be more descriptive.

    • Because Bill talks like that all the time, the label will fall right off. Also, since the sods of the liberal hit team made the grave error of not killing him, I don’t think the Avengers could take out Mr. Bill now.

  7. Wemple’s faux outrage at Cupp is silly. Like the biggest problem for CNN (or the traditional media for that matter) is opinion contributors being outwardly transparent. If their “straight news” hosts were open about their causes, CNN would be almost indistinguishable from MSNBC.

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