‘The Police Came Up There and Killed That Boy’

J$P Video!  An eyewitness to a shooting delivers a compelling account to Leland Vittert. The only problem: there was no shooting

From Shepard Smith Reporting, May 4 2015

9 thoughts on “‘The Police Came Up There and Killed That Boy’”

    • They often fool juries and judges, as well. Sometimes with malice, sometimes without. I have to say, I enjoyed watching Tobin flub the story and then hold fast. Not much use for him. But, Shep was pure class given the official apology for the network.

  1. I give him a pass…..there was gunfire and the cops had someone on the ground under arrest and people were saying a kid got shot in the face…….how do you NOT report that in some way. Its just more fodder for the twitter stooges……other than them nobody will remember he and others got the story wrong in a few days anyway.

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