Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Sunday’s Reliable Souces just intensified my distaste for the phony-baloney Frank Sesno.

  2. Where’s Martha?

    Her ‘main man’ Shep Smith really brought his ‘A’ game for his report on a ‘possible’ shooting in Baltimore with Mike Tobin as an eyewitness.

    He even apologized (unnecessarily IMO) for Mike Tobin making reasonable inferences which were later apparently proven incorrect.

    • You called ,Sir ??…;)
      Shep did a wonderful job .. I guess he is my “main man” like a fun ,witty and mischevious brother I never had .
      Shep took over that Story from the previous hour. Shep didn’t have to apologise…but he was right to do so, and also show his loyalty to his colleagues.
      Real Kudos to Shep for a Powerful and Heartfelt apology…and expert handling of an unfortunate incident.

    • I agree it was great coverage , also agree while he did have to apologize , he felt he had too and that made in sincere

  3. re: Another exclusive report that MSNBC is planning changes.

    there comes a time in a ships life when it is run aground in some unimportant place like Bangladesh, dismantled and sold for scrap.
    then and only then can a new ship be launched. lose MSNBC, all its people and all it’s ideas and admit it is a fail.
    use CNNBC, cable news NBC for example or some other straight forward acronym. an all new professional news cast. news breakdowns, national, international, financial, sports, breaking weather if any all at predictable times. then it can try some talent central shows. no such talent exists currently, they are better off sending them all to Bangladesh and giving people a new reason to sample. there are lots of people with talent no one has ever heard of. they have the reels. using names people already know only pigeon holes the net when it needs not a make over, but a do over.

    go big or stay home.

    thats my story sticking to it.

    this makes it perfectly clear that it all needs to go.
    J$ link

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  5. Woah… Guy Benson just revealed on Megyn Kelly’s show that he is gay

    That’s cool =)

  6. I just flipped through Hanitty arguing with some black guy who was earnest but being played like a fiddle. I flipped away in embarrassment for him. I never watch that show.

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